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Current Catalog: Rix Products / Pikestuff / Smalltown USA

Rix Catalog 2017 is our current catalog, we’ve had no price increasing since then: Catalog 8×11 2017

HO Scale Rix Products PDF Instructions

Rix Switch Machine: 628-0004

Rix PTL Pivoting Turnout Linkage: 628-0006-ptl-info

Rix Switch Stand: 628-0013

Highway Overpass (all kits) : 628-0103-back

Rural Timber Overpass : 628-0200

Maxwell Ave. House (all kits) : 628-0202-instructions

Grain Elevator : 628-0407

Quonset Hut: 628-0410

Water & Oil Tanks (All kits) :628-0505-instructions

Water & Oil Tanks Ladder Kit (All kits)  628-0506 Instructions

CTC Knob Kit: ctc-knob-instructions

Rix Handheld Throttle:(out of production since 1995) throttle-instructions  throttle

N Scale Rix Products PDF Instructions

Guthrie Grain :628-0708

HO Scale Pikestuff PDF Instructions

New! Help for Pikestuff Roof Assembly. HO Scale  Pikestuff Roof Assm HO

Fire Station Photo Assembly Help: 541-0019 Photo Help 

Machine Tool Center: 541-0101-page-1  541-0101-page-2

Piping & Mechanical Contractors: 541-0103 Page 1  541-0103 Page 2  541-0103 Page 3  541-0103 Page 4

Modern Small Enginehouse: 541-5000-page-1  541-5000-page-2

Motor Freight Terminal: 541-5001-page-1  541-5001-page-2

Multi Purpose Building: 541-5005-p1  541-5005-p2

Contractors Building: 541-5006-page-1  541-5006-page-2

Atkinson Engine Facility: 541-5007 Pages 1-4

N Scale Pikestuff PDF Instructions

Small Engine House:   541-8002 Page 2 541-8001-8017 Page 1

Truck Terminal  541-8004-All-Pages 

Multi Purpose Building:   541-8005-page-2 541-8001-8017 Page 1

Diamond Tool & Engineering: 541-8011-page2 541-8001-8017 Page 1

Distribution Center: 8012page2 541-8001-8017 Page 1

HO Scale Smalltown USA PDF Instructions

Furniture Store:  699-6015-instructions

Appliance Mart:  699-6020-instructions