The Rix Products Weigh Station is a 3D printed (ABS material) product (excluding the scale and track) designed to be used with 1/24 and 1/32 scale slot cars.  Most slot cars that run on plastic track have an magnetic pull on the metal rails of the track.  The weigh station incorporates an actual section of slot car track machined so that it can be used along with the weigh station to get the most accurate measurements. The weigh station is designed to show the actual weight of a 1/24 or 1/32 scale slot car by setting the car on the provided area behind the track so you can see the weight of the slot car without any magnetic pull from the rails of the slot car track.  When setting the car on the white tread area of the track you'll get the total weight of the car plus the downforce weight of the magnetic pull from the magnets inside the car and or the pull from the electric motor in the slot car.  By rolling the car backwards so that just the front wheels are setting on the white tread you'll get the weight that's on the front wheels and by rolling the car forward so that the rear wheels are setting on the white tread you'll get the weight that's on the back wheels. Giving you an idea how balanced the car is. Two red adjustment knobs under each side of the track provide a way to adjust the height of the track to match the height of the tread (or rails) with no tools required.  It's fast and easy to get the correct height between the tread and track. For slot cars that run the front tires off the ground and carry no weight there is a guide ramp located on the right side of the tread in the center of the slot. When facing the car to the right the guide on the car will ride up on the guide ramp and show the total magnetic down force on rear tires and guide.  When facing the car to the left you can run the guide up on the guide ramp to see only the weight on the cars guide, then roll the car forward off the ramp to see if there's any weight on the front tires. Three interchangeable ramps are included for different car guide depths.  The digital scale offers settings in lb. oz, grams, kilograms. Comes with 2 AAA batteries.  Plus backlight LCD screen and a tempered glass top. Comes assembled. Price includes shipping to continental USA states.