Corrugated 30′ Grain Bin HO

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Corrugated 30′ Grain Bin HO


30 foot tall by 24 foot diameter with peaked roof. Includes roof vents and blower. 628-0304

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The Rix 30 foot Corrugated Grain Bin for HO is designed to represent the popular style of grain bins used by many farmers and companies to store many types of commodities. the Rix Grain bin is made up of 6 band segments which form a complete band. The bands are then stacked on top of one another until they reach the height you wish. Kit includes enough band segment to produce a either a 30 foot tall by 24 foot diameter grain bin with door and 30 degree peaked top. Molded in a Galvanized color.  Also includes roof vents and blower.


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