Rix Telephone Pole Crossarms (Only)

Rix Telephone Pole Crossarms (Only)


Crossarms (only) 72 total. (36 crossarms shown) 628-0031

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The Rix Railroad Telephone Poles are designed to represent telephone poles used by the real railroads. The Rix Railroad Telephone Poles come in 30 and 40 foot lengths and the crossarms are made so you can attach as many crossarms as needed to the poles. The correct spacing of the crossarms are held by the sprue and notches are provided in the pole to make assembly quick and easy. Poles and Crossarms are molded in a brown plastic. These items are packaged several different ways, Poles only, Crossarms only,  2 crossarms per pole, 4 crossarms per pole.  This way you can pick what works best for you.

The kit has Crossarms (only) 72 total. 36 crossarms shown.

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