We produce test substrate panels in a variety of sizes and materials for the automotive industry. These panels are used for testing paint and UV coatings on OEM materials used by the auto industry.

We keep an inventory on some materials such as GE Lexan 141R-111,  LS2-111 ( All clear material )  Cycoloy MC8002,  Xenoy 1103,  MG29-BK4051 and others. We also do custom runs with most any material that you provide.

Sizes range from 2.5 X 3.5 X .100,  2 X 6 X .125,  4 X 6 X 125,  5 X 5 X .100,  5 X 5 X .137,  4 X 12 X .125.  Panels are produced from high polished molds which are smooth on both sides. We can also build new molds for your needs.

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